We provide order and certainty for your innovation objectives.

Innovation requires many aspects from internal process to understanding the external world; now and in the future. Our approaches are suitable for all opportunities from complicated to complex, from simple to chaotic.

We use the Cynefin framework by David Snowdon and Mary Boome to help leaders make better decisions.

We collaborate with our clients to help achieve their goals. We use experts, tools and approaches that are different and deliver outcomes.

The difference:

Classic approaches combine proven methodologies like Design Thinking, Lean Start-up, de Bono Creativity plus more

Alternate methods that uniquely address disruptive and breakthrough challenges

Partner with international experts to bring the world of innovation knowledge to your door

Experience of our core team gives you the benefit of many years of successful practice

Empower your people brings out hidden talents and passion and build capability

Expertise to facilitate, coach, mentor and advise your teams from ‘C’ suite to operations

Cynefin Framework

We approach client issues with three lenses.

Do you need an expert to help deliver your project?

Do you want to build the capability of your people and teams?

Will coaching and mentoring help you maximise your innovation performance?


Every client is different, every opportunity is different, and our extensive experience, tools and global network of partners give you the certainty of getting your strategic outcomes.