Allan Ryan - Managing Director of Managed Innovation

Allan Ryan knows about innovation. He facilitates projects, consults for larger programs and provides independent innovation advice to leaders and boards. His passion for innovation and collaboration can be seen in his work as Executive Director of Hargraves Institute, Adjunct Professor at UTS Business School and consultant to leading Australian and international organisations. For more information visit Allan’s LinkedIn profile or view his BLOGS.

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John Maclay

John Maclay is an experienced senior executive in a diverse range of industries. His experience ensures that the most effective approach in optimising business performance is taken. He has a reputation for successfully adopting an innovative, yet pragmatic approach with an entrepreneurial focus which has enabled him to revive businesses. John also lectures and coaches executives in the areas of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, building the capabilities of individuals within organisations to build innovative cultures that enable businesses to add value and WOW their customers. For more information visit John’s LinkedIn profile.

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Peter Barnet

Peter Barnet has extensive experience in Senior Sales and Marketing roles in global public companies in the areas of industrial manufacturing and distribution with a focus on Business to Business capital equipment and consumables sales. After bringing to market many innovative programs and products, he left the corporate to enter the world of start-ups in web to print, social media and sales and marketing consulting to large and small businesses. Peter has a particular interest in corporate entrepreneurship and innovation and he has learnt first hand how to fail and how to succeed at start-ups in a corporate environment and on his own. For more information visit Peter’s LinkedIn profile.

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Tess Julian

Tess Julian has worked in the area of organisational innovation for the past 15 years, both with her own company, Ratio P/Ltd, and in partnership with leading companies. Now with Catalyst Exchange P/L, she is concentrating on building connections and collaboration to create the culture of high performance and innovation in organisations big and small, public and private. As an expert facilitator, Tess runs interactive sessions in innovation skills and leadership. Her model is based on collaborative research into behaviours commissioned by government for use in the formal training system.  With her ongoing practical experience, Tess constantly reviews and refreshes her ideas and the model to reflect best practice internationally. For more information visit Tess’s LinkedIn profile.

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Lynne Teo

Lynne Teo has significant experience in strategic approaches to innovation, from design thinking to drawing on collective intelligence and corporate research. She’s worked in projects and capability-building in user-centricity, exploring and defining stakeholders’ needs, and charting organisations’ next steps.

Recently Lynne’s worked in design thinking projects and training at large organisations including Telstra, Commonwealth Bank and major industrial research groups. To reinvigorate value propositions, Lynne helps clients first explore stakeholders’ needs; then works with clients to co-develop strategies and cement relationships. Lynne is an engaging and warm presenter and facilitator for participants from frontline staff to senior management, cross-functional teams and groups of clients together with their customers.

Lynne holds a portfolio of engagements, including independent consulting projects to develop and monetise networks for technical innovation. She also has significant experience in intellectual property and analytics. Lynne has an MBA majoring in Technology Management, a Graduate Diploma in Scientific Communication and a B.Sc (Hons 1).  For more information visit Lynne’s LinkedIn profile.

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Ryan Liddle

Ryan Liddle has a background in hospitality, IT and retail, from 2006, Ryan has led a wide range of projects for Woolworths, holding senior roles including Head of Innovation. This experience was transformative both for Ryan and for the company. To help identify opportunities and solutions for Woolworths, Ryan led the Innovation team to engage with researchers, inventors and entrepreneurs developing new technology, products and services in food, logistics and retail. He has achieved Black Belt certification in Lean Six Sigma and is also trained in Design Thinking. He leverages an extensive network of innovators to bring new ideas to life.​ Now a management consultant, Ryan has co-founded Think Different Anyday to promote disruptive, innovative thinking for individuals and enterprises, working directly with them as well as connecting them with inspiring and experienced speakers, including academics, entrepreneurs and corporate innovators. ​​

Ryan is also CEO of Suited, a startup delivering customised style (suit packages) to take the hassle out of shopping for men. He is a talented, curious and creative problem solver, lateral thinker, coach and presenter. 

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Ben Elias has a wealth of experience in enterprise social media and developed ideocial to foster innovation in the workplace. Passionate about being creative and making work fun, bringing ideocial to life has been a great example of what can be achieved with determination and perseverance. Not only a rewarding personal challenge, this business has allowed Ben to bring together qualifications in software development, management, and psychology.  For more information visit Ben’s LinkedIn profile.

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