Allan Ryan - Managing Director of Managed Innovation

Allan Ryan knows about innovation. He facilitates projects, consults for larger programs and provides independent innovation advice to leaders and boards. His passion for innovation and collaboration can be seen in his work as Executive Director of Hargraves Institute, Adjunct Professor at UTS Business School and consultant to leading Australian and international organisations. For more information visit Allan’s LinkedIn profile or view his BLOGS.

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Tess Julian

Tess Julian has worked in the area of organisational innovation for the past 15 years, both with her own company, Ratio P/Ltd, and in partnership with leading companies. Now with Catalyst Exchange P/L, she is concentrating on building connections and collaboration to create the culture of high performance and innovation in organisations big and small, public and private. As an expert facilitator, Tess runs interactive sessions in innovation skills and leadership. Her model is based on collaborative research into behaviours commissioned by government for use in the formal training system.  With her ongoing practical experience, Tess constantly reviews and refreshes her ideas and the model to reflect best practice internationally. For more information visit Tess’s LinkedIn profile.

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