You and your leaders need new capabilities for success in a changing world. Building your innovation skills to remain relevant in a complex and disruptive world is a purposeful activity for you.

Every situation is different, today and tomorrow. Working together we help define the building blocks to understand innovation and the capability to adapt and be agile in addressing your opportunities and issues.

Your leadership of innovation is built from fundamental knowledge and mindset. Our engagements, coaching and mentoring of leaders builds capability and competency to lead innovation in all your contexts.


Experiential learning delivers real outcomes and builds capabilities for your future success. Innovation is a team activity best achieved through diversity and positive application to deliver your best.

Your objective is different. Together we address team selection and program design using proven tools and methods delivered with a step-by-step approach in achieving both creativity and project management.

Best practice is transferrable across sectors. Our X-Teams approach has delivered across diverse sectors addressing very different opportunities within agreed timelines.


New ideas are your fuel of success for today and tomorrow. The best way to get a good idea is to have many new ideas; new ideas from inside and outside your team, organisation, geography and industry are important to you.

Many different ideas need many different people and approaches. Working together, in collaborative sessions and across multiple platforms incite change to deliver a constant flow of new ideas that address your goals.

Ideas are transferable. Our wide network and experiences are used to build compelling hypotheses for ideas, collaboration that increases innovation outcomes, better strategic recommendations while reducing your risk.